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MosesEver Wondered What Your Name Means in Jewish Sources?

This is a truly enlightening experience for any person wanting to know the meaning of their name according to Hebrew and Torah analysis. Rabbi Katz is an authentic Rabbi based in Tzfat, Israel. He has an extensive knowledge of the Torah and the Hebrew language. Each reading is conducted by Rabbi Katz and includes one hour of extensive research and a one hour recorded Skype / Phone session to discuss your results.

Each name reading is completely unique for each client. Rabbi Katz will analyze you first name, middle name, last name, nicknames and other relevant information that is unique to you. He will use the information you give him to conduct thorough research in accordance with the scriptures and Hebrew analysis.

"The initiative of Soul Mazal is to educate, reveal, and elucidate the meaning in one's name. I help people connect to their name and it's origin while revealing and bonding with the Mazal within the Name."

How Rabbi Katz's Name Analysis Works...

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Purchase your name analysis with PayPal Send Rabbi Katz an email with your full name & parents full name Rabbi Katz conducts research & analysis of your name A 30 minute recorded Skype (or phone) session with Rabbi Katz about results

All Names Include a 30 Minute Recorded Skype / Phone Session With Rabbi Katz To Explain The Results!

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After conducting the analysis of your name, Rabbi Katz will organize a time that is convenient for you to speak with him via Skype / Phone. You may also request a written analysis instead. This will be delivered via email.

Information About Gematria & The Meanings Behind Names...

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What is Gematria?

Gematria is a numerology system based on all Torah and Kabalah sources. Based on this system, I articulate to you exactly what your name means in Hebrew and Torah. After I research your name, there will be a conference over the phone or on Skype about what your name means. Written reports are also available. If you need further explanation, or deeper analysis, further time may be scheduled.


Names and The Vilna Gaon - From "Kol HaTor"

Every person in Israel must do his utmost to reach the level of the supreme numbers concealed within his name which can be computed in gematria. Each person must achieve what is concealed in the gematria of his name. Otherwise, he may have to undergo a new gilgul to repair what he did not complete in this gilgul. Happy is he who achieves by the might of his deeds the level of his mission that is hidden in the gematria of his name....All this will be revealed to him in the World of Truth, but it is preferable for one to achieve this knowledge in his lifetime, so that he will be stronger in his special mission in this world, because one who is commanded and fulfills the commandment stands high. A word to the wise is sufficient.

Doorway into light

As our Sages Said “The Name Causes” - One’s Mission From Heaven is Revealed by His Name

Every man of Israel has a root above with his name according to the root of his soul and the merit of his forefathers. As is known, the name given a child at his birth is not given by chance; rather, the name is placed in the mouth of his father by Heaven according to the root of his soul. The following are the ways to achieve and find the name and mission of each one of Israel in the Bible, revealed in “the might of your hand to engage in doing and accounting”:

  • By noting the type of deeds, of loving kindness and help extended to the community and to other individuals by someone, as well as what that person does to strengthen the holy Torah.
  • By the special inclination of a person to study a particular matter in the Torah, a particular book, or the concealed teachings, etc.
  • By the individual’s specific moral suffering or specific success in personal spiritual and material matters.

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Name Analysis Based on Hebrew & Torah Within the Scope of Jewish History & Time

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